Today, I put my first sprouting chayote squash fruit in the ground.  Well, not quite "in the ground". I used a 5 gallon grow bag filled with a mixture of 60% kitchen scrap compost from my composter and 40% regular garden soil I dug up from my backyard.

I placed the grow bag next to my front door in a spot that gets a good amount of morning sun until about 1:30 PM.  After mixing the soil, I made sure it was pretty wet but not overly wet or water-logged. I then placed the chayote fruit inside, with its thin end buried and the side where the shoot is coming from poking out.

My final step was covering the bare ground with some leaves as a type of mulch to help keep the moisture in the soil. This fruit has been growing this shoot for a few weeks now and now I'm hoping the transition to soil will speed up its growth progression. In a week or two, if the plant is liking its new home, I plan on attaching a hog panel as trellis next to it so that it can grow vertically up and around my foyer. We will see if this little experiment works.