I have been reading about the wonders of growing Chayote Squash (AKA chuchu where I come from) for a few weeks now. All reports seem to confirm that:

- it grows like mad once you plant it
- I will need a sturdy trellis to give the vine support
- one plant may yield something like 60 to 100 fruits in one growing season

To those that don't know, chayote has a very mild taste and is used around Latin America in soups or cooked in some ways like a potato.  I found the three chayotes I purchased at a Mexican food store here in Los Angeles and I'm allowing all three of them to trow out a good length shoot before planting them around the house.

My plan for them will be to grow them in a 5 gallon grow bag and build trellises that will lead the vine to grow alongside some of my exterior sunny walls on the exterior of my house. I will post more pictures when I actually plant this exotic delicacy.