So, I put some eggplant and butternut squash seeds on a container about 3 weeks ago and they didn't spring up.  I'm not sure what may have happened. I may have over or under watered them, or maybe the sun baked them. I have no clue about what exactly may have caused the failure

I was a little disappointed but by no means defeated at this.  So, about 5 days ago, I decided to change my methodology.  Going to YouTube for guidance and inspiration, I came across an awesome older lady named Mayo that sprouts her seeds by wrapping a handful of them in a wet paper towel.  Looking at a related video, I found another guy that uses the same method as Mayo but with one difference: instead of using water to wet the towels, he actually uses a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide.  On the video, he says that such a solution encourages germination.  Armed with this new knowledge, I decided to run an experiment.

I had some hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom closet, so, I went ahead and made the solution following the second video. I picked up a bunch of ziploc bags from the kitchen, a few paper towels and a bunch of seeds I had been saving and decided to give the paper towel method a try.  Here are the seeds that I ended up "paper toweling":

- passion fruit
- oats
- arugula
- cantaloupe
- butternut squash
- cilantro
- peas
- eggplant
- plum

Today, July 12, 2017, a full 5 days after "paper toweling" my seeds, it was time to check on their progress. I was very happy to report some pretty good results. See pictures below for details.